Visualize, explore, and quantify with best in class rendering

Dragonfly Pro from Object Research Systems (ORS) is an advanced analysis software solution for 2D/3D data acquired by a variety of imaging technologies including X-ray microscopy and FIB-SEM. Using state-of-the-art volume rendering and access to advanced visualization techniques, Dragonfly Pro enables high-definition exploration into the details and properties of 3D datasets. Interactive inspection with color and opacity mapping means that in-depth analyses can always be visualized in meaningful ways and findings can be presented with easy-to-produce high-quality animated sequences.​

Multi-scale and multi-modal data visualization​

With Dragonfly Pro, file formats such as .txm and .czi can be read and include system spatial coordinates allowing for accurate dataset registration used in Scout and Scan and correlative workflows. Combined with data handling for time-dependent, 4D data.​

Customize with Python scripting

Dragonfly Pro enables Python scripting - a powerful feature that allows users to customize their data processing and visualization needs. Users now have access to the data channels and properties within the interface creating a limitless and customizable post-processing environment. In addition, Dragonfly Pro uses Python with numpy, scipy and many other libraries standard with Anaconda distribution.​

Easy to use

Dragonfly Pro is easy to use. With minutes of experience, you can explore, navigate, and annotate your dataset. In a few hours, gain control of more advanced tools such as image processing, segmentation, object analysis, and movie making. Use our compact, topic-specific training videos to familiarize yourself with Dragonfly Pro in the shortest amount of time.​ ​

Multi-scale visualization of corrosion damage of a magnesium alloy. Imaged by ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra and ZEISS Crossbeam 540.
Courtesy of the University of Manchester

Visualization of an additive manufactured Inconel lattice with porosity color coded by volume.

  • ​Triple phase boundary calculation and interfacial mesh analysis​
  • Spatial Network analysis for quantifications such as tortuosity and connectivity
  • Automatic object splitting and merging
  • Advanced segmentation using machine learning
  • Register and stitch 3D datasets
  • Auto-process module

  • High-impact visualization

    • Apply visual effects, such as look-up table functions, regions of interest, multi-ROIs and meshes​
    • Freely inspect multi-planar slices
    • Sharply define objects or features of interest with Focus and Depth of Field controls
    • Easily adjust the opacity of all objects visible in 2D and 3D view

    Image processing and segmentation

    • Extensive image processing toolkit
         - Arithmetic filters
         - Smoothing
         - Morphology
         - Edge detection
         - Shading correction
         - Contrast adjustment
         - Sharpening
         - Threshold techniques
         - Texture analysis
    • Apply intuitive masking operations
    • Advanced segmentation tool options

    Correlative ready

    • Bring multiple datasets into the same workplace supporting ZEISS Scout and Zoom multi-modal techniques


    • Study volume metrics including porosity, particle/void analysis
    • Measure surface areas
    • Measure min, max, and mean intensity values and standard deviation
    • Profile intensity distribution within selected areas

    • Import data

      • ​ 2D/3D and time dependent (4D)​
      • Image formats: ZEISS TXM, ZEISS CZI, TIFF, BMP, RAW, DICOM​
      • ​ Mesh formats: 3D studio Max, ASCII, BREP, CS FDB, DirectX, IGES, OBJ, PLY, STEP, STL, VRML, VTK polydata (VTK), VTK polydata XML (VTP), VTK unstructured grid (VTK), Mesh, ORS XML​​

      • Export data

        • Image formats: TIF, DICOM, ZEISS CZI, BMP, JPG, PNG, DDS, DIB, HDR, PFM​
        • Mesh formats: Direct X, OpenInventor 2.0, STL, VRML, WaveFront, VTK, MESH, ORS XML, PLY ​
        • Save session: XML
        • Save high DPI poster-size images in a variety of formats
        • Save high definition movie sequences as gif, avi, and wmv

    Individually segmented fibers with virtual floor rendering.

    Triple Phase Boundary calculation (yellow) of solid oxide fuel cell allows for accurate metrics of length, interfacial surface area and local tortuosity. Imaged on ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra. Courtesy of the Colorado School of Mines.

    Auto-process enables real-time processing of serial section 2D stack experiments. Apply filtering, segmentation, registration and predefined macros. Mammalian cell with mitochondria and ER segmented. Imaged on ZEISS GeminiSEM 3View. Courtesy of the Cross Cancer Institute. ​

    Automatic object splitting allows for individual particle analysis of metrics such as volume, surface area, orientation, sphericity and many more! Use Python to create your own metric! Imaged on ZEISS Xradia 620 Versa.​

    Deep Learning module

    ​ Harness the power of convolutional neural networks, realized through cutting edge artificial intelligence engines to advance your image processing results to new levels.​

    ​ Powered by Google’s TensorFlow and Keras, Dragonfly Pro gives users the power to develop new neural networks, but also to train, reuse, and repurpose existing models for advanced applications that will revolutionize your workflows.​

    ​ Dragonfly Pro’s trained neural networks behave like image filters, this makes them easy to preview, fast to apply, and simple to share for reuse. Dragonfly Pro’s Deep Learning solution is bundled with pre-built and pre-trained neural networks, implementing such powerful solutions as UNet, DenseNet, FusionNet and many others. ​

    ​ The latest version release features a number of enhancements for Dragonfly Pro's ground-breaking Deep Learning Module, including support for multiple channel inputs, elastic deformation on patches, training data statistics, a model evaluation tool, and much more.​

    Deep Learning segmentation of polymer electrolyte fuel cell.

    Deep Learning segmentation of mouse retina cell.

    Bone Analysis Module​​

    ​ Analyze bone micro-architectures using semi-automated workflows. Designed for evaluating high-resolution micro-CT image data, the Bone Analysis Module provides 3D vector-based mappings of anisotropy magnitude and directionality and 3D scalar-based mappings of volume fraction. In addition, an automated separation of cortical and trabecular bone drives the calculation of common bone morphometric indices.​

    ​ Check out the technical note for more detail

    Volume thickness map of trabeculae

    ORS Dragonfly Pro Brochure

    Key Features

    Getting Started


    Visual Planes

    Importing Images


    Using Shapes

    Window Leveling

    Flip Rotate


    Image Processing

    Crop, Clip Derive

    Image Filtering

    Macro Engine

    Move/3D Registration

    Removing Stripes

    Stitching 3D Datasets

    Flip Rotate


    Measuring Distances

    ROIs and Thickness Mesh


    3D Movie Maker

    2D Animations

    License Activation

    How do I activate Dragonfly Pro license?
    After installing Dragonfly Pro, go to Help menu and select Activate Product. Enter your license key in the Activation Key text field. Click Activate.

    How do I activate Dragonfly Pro license if my workstation is not connected to internet?
    You can request an offline (pre-activated) license key by contacting [email protected] . In the request, please provide Dragonfly Pro license key and Computer ID (can be found by running Dragonfly Pro, go to Help > Activate Product).

    Can I use Dragonfly Pro license on two workstations? 
    No, Dragonfly Pro license key is node-locked and can only be used in one workstation.

    ​ Dragonfly Pro Software Update

    ​ Am I entitled to the latest version of Dragonfly Pro version on my workstation?
    All customers are entitled to the latest version of Dragonfly Pro that is released within one year of license activation or six months after purchase date, whichever is earlier. Beyond that, an active Annual Maintenance Contract is required to allow the download of latest version of Dragonfly Pro. To inquire about extending your expired Annual Maintenance Contract, please contact [email protected].

    ​Annual Maintenance Contract ​

    Do you offer Maintenance Contract? 
    Yes. Each Dragonfly Pro license purchase comes with one year of maintenance contract. Owners of a maintenance contract are entitled to free upgrades of minor and major software releases, as well as to priority Technical Support services over a period of 12 months from the date of initial purchase. Additional coverage can be purchased after the first year. ​

    ​Visual SI Advanced existing customers ​ ​

    As an existing Visual SI Advanced customer, do I have access to Dragonfly Pro? 
    Existing Visual SI Advanced Customers have complimentary access to the initial version of Dragonfly Pro. Both software packages will run independently on your Visual SI Advanced workstation as you make your transition to Dragonfly Pro. Keep your Visual SI Advanced software running as long as you like, it is a perpetual license. However, all feature improvements and continued development will be performed on Dragonfly Pro. We encourage you to transition and be part of its Python functionality and growing user community! ​

    ​ As an existing user, getting started is simple: ​

    Download the Dragonfly Pro trial installer from this website onto the workstation that runs your activated version of Visual SI Advanced.​
    Upon installation, the Dragonfly Pro software will activate via your existing license key. ​
    Be sure to view the newly-produced Dragonfly Pro training videos. All topics from Visual SI Advanced have been reworked in the Dragonfly Pro interface. There are additional training videos available that showcase new features that Dragonfly Pro has to offer. Please begin with the  Quick Start Basic Training.​

    I'm an existing VSI Advanced customer without a current annual maintenance contract. Can I still get Dragonfly Pro? ​
    Yes, regardless of where you stand with your annual maintenance contract, you have complimentary access to the initial version of Dragonfly Pro. This does not reactivate or extend the terms of your maintenance contract.

    ​ Do I need to upgrade my workstation to support Dragonfly Pro? ​ ​
    ​ No, Dragonfly Pro will run on your existing Visual SI Advanced workstation with dedicated professional  graphics. Please note that Dragonfly Pro is not supported by integrated laptop graphics. ​

    ​ Do I have to run Dragonfly Pro on the same workstation that runs Visual SI Advanced?  ​
    ​ Yes, Dragonfly Pro must be run on the same workstation as you are currently running Visual SI Advanced. If  you need to transfer to another workstation, transfer both software through the activation/deactivation  process.   ​

    ​ Have more questions? Please contact webpage.  ​
    Dragonfly Pro

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    Dragonfly Pro

    Easy to Use Visualization and Analysis Software with Python Scripting Capability
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